Physio Atlas provides a personalized and professional service adapted to each patient's injuries.

Physio Atlas is involved in the coverage of regional sporting events

Physio Atlas guarantees to take care of each injuries fast and assure follow-up treatments

Physio Atlas prioritizes prevention and reduces the risk of recurrence of orthopedic injuries with an optimal treatment plan

Physio Atlas is proud to support the athletes of the Sherbrooke region by working closely with Excellence Sportive Sherbrooke

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Adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)

June 8th, 2017 - Articles

Definition As its common name indicates, this shoulder pathology which is quite common mainly consists in a significant decrease in the shoulder's mobility. It also causes pain and stiffness. Its evolution is slow and progressive. Pain mostly occurs around the outer shoulder area with the inability to lie on the affected side, difficulty in should...Read more!


April 4th, 2017 - Articles

What is periostitis? Periostitis is an inflammation of the periosteum, which is the most external part of the bone. Usually, the most frequent occurence is tibial periostitis. This type of condition particularly affects runners due to repeated stress induced by rapid impacts and a prolonged and/or too intense contraction of the posterior tibial mu...Read more!

Plantar fasciitis

March 13th, 2017 - Articles

Plantar fasciitis is a very common condition that affects all types of individuals. It is the result of degenerative changes in the plantar fascia that affect its flexibility and ability to carry a load. This causes pain on the sole of the foot, most often in the heel area. What is the plantar fascia? it is a strip of tissue that attaches at a si...Read more!

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