Safe and effective assistance

Conditions, such as mastitis and blocked milk ducts, which can be grouped under the term “breast inflammation,” are common in breastfeeding mothers. In fact, up to 20% of nursing mothers will experience at least one such episode, most often during baby’s first few weeks of life. Breast inflammation is usually painful and may temporarily complicate—or even put an end to—breastfeeding.

The medical community is increasingly recognizing that ultrasound therapy can help. However, the effective treatment of mastitis through physical therapy goes far beyond this one technique!

In physical therapy, there are several safe and effective methods that can be used to reduce swelling and facilitate breast drainage:

  • therapeutic breast massage
  • manual expression
  • ultrasound

A physical therapist trained to assist breastfeeding mothers will also evaluate the breastfeeding situation and the mother-baby team to help eliminate any mechanical causes of engorgement. They will evaluate:

  • the breastfeeding position
  • factors that may prevent your baby from latching on properly (muscle tension, torticollis, plagiocephaly, a restricted frenulum, etc.)

Physical therapists can also work with other health care providers in more complex cases of persistent breast pain or recalcitrant wounds, contributing their knowledge of pain management and skin integrity maintenance.

An acute problem can usually be resolved in two sessions, but it is imperative that the client be seen quickly. That’s why we offer emergency time slots to ensure follow-up within 24 hours of the call.

In short, if you’re suffering from mastitis or a blocked milk duct, please let us know! Our physical therapists are here to provide you with quick, effective care.

Make an appointment Preparation for your first appointment

Plan to arrive a few minutes in advance to fill out the health form which includes various elements that can influence breastfeeding.

Wear comfortable clothing. Wearing nursing attire makes the treatment easier. If needed, we will provide appropriate clothing.

Come to your appointment with your baby, so we can evaluate their nursing.

The appointment is divided into three parts:

  • An interview, where we’ll ask questions on your history of breastfeeding, your breasts, and mom and baby’s situation.
  • A physical examination including an evaluation of mom’s condition (inflammation, chapping, etc.), a brief assessment of baby (torticolis, tension, etc.) as well as an assessment of nursing and breastfeeding position.
  • Treatment and advice based on problems you may be encountering.