For a safe practice of running

Running has become increasingly popular in recent years. The variety of terrain types, distances and events reflects this popularity. Unfortunately, it is estimated that nearly one in two runners is injured each year. Most are foot and leg injuries, and they are influenced by a variety of factors. Changing training techniques, terrain type or equipment too quickly can predispose runners to injury. Running technique is an additional factor to consider, and can increase the frequency of injury for some runners.

Running pattern evaluation is offered at many Physio Atlas clinics. All of our physical therapists providing this service have completed training at The Running Clinic, a world leader in the prevention of running injuries. They understand biomechanics and injury mechanisms, and can make recommendations and provide the necessary support to help runners practice their sport safely.

The appointment lasts one hour, and includes:

  • an initial review of the data, specifically the history and events leading up to the injury.
  • a physical assessment of the runner, focusing on mobility, flexibility, control and muscle strength.
  • a biomechanical evaluation on a treadmill.
  • advice on running technique and progression.
  • the assignment of appropriate exercises.

A receipt for insurance is provided after the appointment.

Make an appointment Preparation for your first appointment
  • Please arrive a few minutes early to complete the health form, which also includes injury history, goals and expectations.
  • Dress comfortably for running. Fitted clothing is recommended to allow the physiotherapist to see the movement well (example: shorts, camisole).Shorts are preferred in order to make the evaluation easier.
  • Bring your usual running shoes.The physiotherapist may have you test different pairs.
  • You will have to run a total of about 10 minutes. If you eat before the appointment, make sure your meal is light.
  • Bring a bottle of water if needed