Improve your comfort and performance

The cyclist evaluation and bike fitting service in physical therapy is designed for any cyclist seeking improved comfort and/or performance on their bicycle. The appointment includes an evaluation of the cyclist’s position on the bike and adjustments geared towards improving it, as well as a detailed, functional musculoskeletal evaluation of the cyclist. This dimension results in a customized bike fit adapted to the cyclist’s reality, and an improved ability to maintain a healthy position on  their bike. The process allows us to provide complete care to our customers. The cyclist also receives customized exercises for their personal use.

The bike fitting service is offered at PhysioAtlas. Our qualified physical therapists have completed a variety of BikePT training programs to work with all types of cycling disciplines. Their expertise in human biomechanics and cyclist evaluations will help you  find the ideal fit for your body, taking into account your pre-evaluated levels of mobility, strength and control. They will fit your bike to you and help you reach your goals!

A bike fitting appointment lasts 2 hours, and includes a receipt for insurance.

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