Problem of dizziness or vertigo? Did you know that dizziness and vertigo are the most common vestibular disorder symptoms?

Vertigo is a sensation of movement, environment or person, while a stun is a vague sensation, which can be varied from one individual to another. These symptoms may be caused by a malfunction of the vestibular system in the inner ear. This helps us keep our balance and a clear vision in various situations of everyday life. For example, walking and watching a display, read in a car, going up or down the stairs, bending over to pick up an object on the ground.

In addition, the presence of blurred or double visionbalance problems and symptoms and vomiting has an important impact on the quality of life of sufferers. Furthermore, dizziness are a risk factor for falls. These symptoms can be addressed in vestibular rehabilitation.

Vestibular rehabilitation is an active process involving a customized daily exercise program. The basic principle is to expose the person with the stimuli or movements causing dizziness, problems with vision or balance disorders to allow the body to get used to, and thus cause fewer symptoms.

In summary, you must:

  • Decrease dizziness accustoming the person to do the problems movements;
  • Ensure a clear vision during head movements;
  • Minimize balance problems;
  • Improve overall fitness;
  • Educate.

Why consult physiotherapy?

  • To accelerate the beginning of the recovery;
  • To decrease the recovery time;
  • To improve the quality of the recovery

And to improve the quality of life of sufferers.