going up the stairs
mobility : knees to chest
mobility : nest to prevent rotation with towel
mobility: leg dissociation
play in squatting position
playing in 4 point kneeling
standing back against the wall
strength : balance reactions on lap
strength : clock on belly
strength : left cervical rotation
strength : left lateral cervical flexion
strength : loading on the arms
strength : right cervical rotation
strength : right lateral cervical flexion
strength : roll over
strength : supine head control
strength : tummy time on ball
strength : tummy time on the ground
strength: balance reactions sitting on ball
stretch : left cervical rotation
stretch : left lateral cervical flexion
stretch : left scarf maneuver
stretch : lying trunk detorsion
stretch : right cervical rotation
stretch : right lateral cervical flexion
stretch : right scarf maneuver
stretch : toes to opposite ear
stretching : right cervical rotation
transfer 4 point to sitting left side
transfer half-kneeling to standing left leg in front
transfer half-kneeling to standing right leg in front
transfer sitting to standing
transfer sitting to tummy left side
transfer sitting to tummy right side
transfer tummy to sitting left side
transfer tummy to sitting right side