Treatments for your little ones

Physio Atlas now offers orthopedic services for the whole family. The PhysioAtlas team offers care suited to the needs of your baby or child for the treatment of:

  • torticollis
  • plagiocephaly
  • overall development of motor function.

Have you noticed that…

  • the back of your child’s head is flat on one side, and this worries you?
  • your baby does not turn his or her head to both sides in symmetrical fashion, or that, when lying down, his/her head always seems to be tilted or turned to one side?

Following a complete evaluation, our physical therapists will be able to establish a plan of action, showing you the exercises and positioning methods to use in order to remediate this abnormality.

Perhaps your baby has developed a torticollis (stiff neck). A tension or shortening of certain muscles in the neck can cause this type of problem. The physical therapist can help your baby by suggesting active exercises and appropriate stretches according to the child’s condition. It is important to understand that a torticollis can influence your toddler’s long-term motor function development, if it is not resolved. For example, symmetrical crawling and even sitting up are far more difficult to achieve with a stiff neck.

Our role in physical therapy is to

  • maximize physical abilities
  • minimize limitations
  • support babies/children and their parents in their physical and motor development.

Our treatments are intended to be inclusive, so the participation of both the child and the parents is prioritized. Furthermore, we believe that a play-based approach is a great asset for your children’s rehabilitation, because it allows for greater adherence to treatment plans and is seen to be a more viable solution.