Mobility : assisted cervical lateral flexion
Mobility : hand assisted neck rotation
Mobility : Neurodynamics Brachial Plexus – Waiter
Mobility : Neurodynamics Median Nerve – Egyptian
Mobility : Neurodynamics Median Nerve – Free the Bird
Mobility: Cervical rotation with towel
Strength : Abdominal Plank
Strength : Abdominal Plank – Progression
Strength : Alternating Arm Plank
Strength : Bird dog
Strength : Cervical Retraction Quadruped
Strength : Deep Cervical Flexors Elastic Band
Strength : Deep Cervical Flexors Wall
Strength : Dynamic Bird Dog
Strength : Farmer’s Walk
Strength : Farmer’s Walk Unilateral
Strength : Isometric Abdominal Plank Ball
Strength : Prone Deep Cervical Flexors
Strength : Prone Deep Cervical Flexors Against Gravity
Strength : Side Plank
Strength : Side Plank Arm Lift
Strength : Stirpot Abdominal Plank
Strength : Superman 1 Foot to Floor Ball
Strength : Superman 1 Hand To Floor Ball
Strength : Superman Diagonal Contact Ball
Strength : three portions of trapezius muscle
Strength : Upper Trapezius
Strength : Wall Climb Elastic Band
Strength : Wall Retraction Elastic Band
Stretch : Scalenes
Stretch : Scapula Levator
Stretch : Upper Trapezius