8-way hip reinforcement
anterior tibial reinforcement walking
assisted hip adductor strengthening
buttock strengthening – bridge progression
calf strengthening
gluteus medius reinforcement
gluteus medius reinforcement (surfer)
lower limb stability reinforcement with raised heel
pistol squat reinforcement
poliquin reinforcement
posterior tibial reinforcement with step and ankle elastic
posterior tibial strengthening with ball between the heels
reinforcement of intrinsic foot muscles – foot shorts
reinforcement of the abdominals with progression on the ball
reinforcement of the anterior tibial with elastic
self-massage of the plantar arch
side lying quadriceps stretches
side plank reinforcement by lifting one foot
side plank reinforcement with oscillations
strengthening of the abdominals – crunch
strengthening of the gluteal muscles – fire hydrant
strengthening of the intrinsic foot muscles with elevation of the heels
strengthening of the lower limbs – step down
strengthening the hamstrings in an eccentric way with the feet on the wall
strengthening the hip adductors with the foot on the chair
strengthening the hip adductors with the knee on a chair
strengthening the intrinsic muscles of the foot
strengthening the peroneal muscles with a walk
strengthening the posterior tibialis with a step
stretching the lateral retinaculum of the knee