Following are the changes we’ve made to our Physio Atlas clinics in accordance with guidelines from the Public Health Agency, along with the OPPQ, and what you need to know regarding your next visit to our Gatineau clinic.

The wearing of masks in our clinic is required for all patients, professionals and support staff.

In order to limit traffic and to maintain social distancing, we ask you to respect your appointment time and to arrive no more than 5 minutes in advance.

Please keep a distance of two meters between you and others at all times while on site: in the lines outside, inside and in the reception area. Recently-added markers on the ground will help you maintain this distance.

  • When you arrive (through the front door as usual), you must wash your hands. A hand washing station will be available in the waiting room and at the reception area.
  • You will be asked to pay for your appointment upon arrival. We prefer that you pay by debit or credit card rather than cash.
  • In order to help maintain the proper distance between people on site, markers will be placed on the floor every two meters in front of the reception area.
  • Please do not move any chairs.
  • We invite you to take off your boots as soon as you arrive at the clinic and keep your coat with you.
  • Your physiotherapist will come and get you after having disinfected the treatment room.
  • Upon arrival in the treatment room, hang up your coat, sweater, etc. in the place indicated by the physiotherapist.
  • After your treatment, follow the signs on the ground to the reception area. Your physiotherapist will also be able to point you in the right direction.
  • Before leaving the clinic, you must wash your hands again.
  • Exit through the back door in order to prevent you from coming into contact with others.The Physio Atlas Team

    If your appointment is for tele-rehabilitation, please disregard the following.

    FOR PATIENTS WHO HAVE AN IN-PERSON APPOINTMENT AT THE CLINIC: You’ll need to bring a mask with you. Wearing a mask is required in order to receive treatment.

    Please read about the new measures in place at your clinic for your upcoming appointment by clicking on this link.