Cyclist Evaluation and Bike Fitting Service

The cyclist evaluation and bike fitting service in physical therapy is meant for any cyclist seeking improved comfort and/or performance on his/her bicycle. It includes an evaluation of the cyclist’s position on the bicycle and adjustments geared towards improving it, as well as an evaluation of the cyclist him or herself. This aspect results in a customized bike fit adapted to the cyclist’s reality, and an improvement in the cyclist’s abilities based on the information gathered. The process allows us to provide complete care to our customers. You will also receive customized exercises for your personal use.

Émile Bernard, physical therapist at PhysioAtlas, has been providing bike fitting services for over two years now. He was part of the first cohort to receive BikePT Bronze certification, awarded in Montreal in 2017. His expertise in human biomechanics and bike fitting will help you achieve your goals.

An appointment includes a detailed functional evaluation of the cyclist, a bike fitting including pertinent adjustments, and an exercise program adapted to the cyclist. The full appointment lasts 2 hours and includes a receipt for insurance.