Up to adulthood, it usually takes a major injury to cause a fracture. For the elderly, the loss of bone density is the cause of most fractures.

Classification of fractures

There are different types of fractures. Among them, there is the displaced fracture, which is when the 2 portions of the fractured bone are no longer aligned. Furthermore, a fracture is said to be complete if the bone fragments are completely separate. You can also find open fractures if the bone pierces the skin.

Recovery time

Simple fractures heal after 6-8 weeks for small to medium-sized bones (e.g. the bones of the forearm, humerus). The period can be much longer for weight-bearing bones (e.g. femur or tibia) or for an elderly person in connection with a decrease in the circulatory efficiency or the presence of osteoporosis.

Healing phases

In physiotherapy

According to the doctor’s indications, the type of fracture and the type of operation carried out, it is possible to perform interventions in physiotherapy for the following reasons: