How can pain similar to plantar fasciitis originate in the back? 


Plantar fasciitis is often characterized by pain on the underside of the foot that is aggravated by walking, climbing stairs, or standing on tiptoe. The condition often occurs following a change to your walking or running habits: greater distances, hilly terrain, increased frequency, faster speeds, different shoes, etc. Wearing high heels too frequently or for longer periods of time may also be the cause.

When the pain is similar to plantar fasciitis, but the context makes it unlikely, it’s wise to consider whether the back (lumbar) might be involved.

These are the clinical characteristics observed:

Characteristics of the pain

Location of the pain

Other signs and symptoms

A lumbar problem can actually cause pain on the underside of the feet for several anatomical reasons:

During your evaluation, the physical therapist will be able to determine whether the cause of the heel pain you are experiencing is actually plantar fasciitis or something else. With the help of personalized questions and testing, s/he will be able to detect any underlying lumbar conditions in order to identify and treat the true source of your problem.